define clear aperture of a lens array

  • 10 October 2023
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I am using us_array.dll to model a lens array. I would like to define clear aperture of each lens in the array, for example the pitch is 500um, but clear aperture is 400um,  is there a way to do this?

Appreciate your advice.


Best answer by Kevin Scales 14 November 2023, 22:21

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Hi icybird,

The us_array.dll itself does not have the option to put an additional subaperture onto each element of the array. If you wish to do some programming, you could save a modified us_array, using the existing C file as a template. Another option would be to put a User Defined aperture onto the whole surface, using the UDA file format commands to generate your own complex aperture. The help page ‘User Defined Apertures and Obscurations’ has the commands you can use. This is probably easier, but you would need separate files to make any changes other than scaling or decentering the whole mask.