Simulating PTFE Integrating Sphere

  • 28 October 2022
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I’m trying to simulate a PTFE Integrating Sphere using the predefined macro that we can find in sample files
 ...\Zemax\Samples\Non-sequentional\Miscellaneous\Integrating Sphere.zmx

I was able to change dimension of sphere and port

but im finding the following problem:

1. How can I change the material MIRROR in PTFE?
2. Can I inserti a material inside the sphere?
3. How Can I calculate the number of refraction inside the sphere and the number of photons that reach the detector?
4. How Can I simulate the Homogeity inside the Sphere?
5. The detector viewer doesnt work, how me always the same results….Why?

A guide about simulating an integrating sphere can help me so much...Thanks for the support.

The code is as attachments.

Best Regards.

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