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  • 17 November 2023
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I want to change the x-pos in the NSC editor. How can I do that using SURP? The NSC surface is at 13 in the lens data editor, NSC object is 8.

Please let me if you need more information.


Thanks in advance!


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Hi @bdoc 


In Non-Sequential mode, you have objects in the Non-Sequential Component Editors. Therefore, you need a different range of operands, for the X Position, you have:

  • NPXV: Non-Sequential Object X Position value
  • NPXL: Non-Sequential Object X Position lesser than
  • NPXG: Non-Sequential Object X Position greater than

You will find the same operands for Y, and Z by replacing the letter X in those operands above.

The Help File provides more insights to the parameters of NPXG:


Non-sequential object position x greater than. Surf defines the surface number of the NSC group (always 1 in pure NSC systems). Object defines the object number in the NSC group.

If Ref? is 0, the coordinates are relative to the reference object.

If Ref? is 1, the coordinates are relative to the origin of the NSC coordinate system or entry port. If Ref? is 2, then the coordinates are relative to the global coordinate reference surface.


I hope this helps.

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Hello David,

thank you for your answer.


This could be another solution, right?

SETNSCPOSITION 13,8,1,50  (set object 8, x position to 50mm)



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Hi @bdoc,


Sorry, yes absolutely for ZPL. I somehow thought about a Merit Function operand for some reason.

Take care,