How to define a fiber output for a source Gaussian

  • 25 July 2022
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I have a very simple question. How could I define a source Gaussian out from a single mode fiber, which core size is 4 micro, NA =0.12. I know the beam size (diameter) should be set to be MFD, how to put the parameter for position? should I put the parameter of the position as  Rayleigh distance Zr? or should I use MFD/(2*NA)? 

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In the manual, it says that

Position: The distance from the apparent point of divergence of the rays to the source plane location. If zero, the rays are collimated. A positive Position value means that the apparent point of divergence is located in the negative Z direction relative to the vertex of the source plane. 
The angular distribution of the source is determined using the Beam Size (parameter 6) and Position (parameter 7) to calculate the far-field divergence angle of the source. However, the physical size of the beam as given by the Beam Size is not used, as the size and spatial distribution of the source is neglected.

So I think the position should be defined as MFD/2/NA.

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