User Ranks, Badges, and requirements

  • 23 July 2021
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User Ranks and requirements

The following is a list of the ranks offered on the Zemax Community. Users can increase their rank by posting comments, threads, and answers. Users must meet the requirements of Achievement 1 or 2 or 3 to rank up.


Rank title Achievement 1 Achievement 2 Achievement 3
Dark Energy      
Single Emitter 1 comment posted 1 topic posted

1 like given

Monochrome 1 comment + 2 topics posted 5 comments posted  
Infrared 5 comments posted + 3 topics posted 10 comments posted  
Visible 15 comments posted + 5 topics posted 25 comments posted  
Ultraviolet 25 comments posted + 10 topics posted 50 comments posted  
Fully spectral 50 comments + 15 topics + 1 answer 100 comments + 1 answer  
En-Lightened 100 comments + 25 topics + 3 answers 200 comments + 3 answers 50 answers
Luminary 500 comments + 100 topics + 10 answers 100 answers  


Badges and requirements

Badges are awarded to users automatically based on activity, or manually by a Zemax staff member. The list of badges you can obtain is below:


Badge title Requirement
Product Expert Awarded manually by Zemax staff to users who are extremely active within the organization. For example: posting often on the community, presenting at Envision, penning Knowledgebase articles, etc.
Envision Presenter Be a presenter at an Envision conference (beginning 2020)
Founding Member Be a Zemax product user for over 10 years
Student Superstar Be a Z-GAP license holder who reaches the Visible rank
Allow me to introduce myself Minimum 1 post in the Networking Lounge
OpticsAcademy Certified: OSD Successfully complete the full Optical System Design course
OpticsAcademy Certified: ISL Successfully complete the full Illumination and Stray Light course
OpticsAcademy Certified: Lasers & Fibers Successfully complete the full Lasers & Fibers course 
OpticsAcademy Certified: Tolerancing Successfully complete the full Tolerancing sub-course 
OpticsAcademy Certified: Optimization Successfully complete the full Optimization sub-course 
Visibly Un-Polarized

Have at least 5 of your replies marked as the answer

Programmer Extraordinaire

Contribute to the Programming OpticStudio space:

5 topics, 10 replies, and 2 answers (minimum) <or> Have at least 1 of your topics approved for the Code Exchange

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