Upcoming improvements to the Export to PanDao tool!

  • 7 June 2023
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The Export to PanDao tool currently only supports on-axis systems that use Standard surfaces with a conic constant of zero, Even Asphere, Extended Asphere, and Extended Odd Asphere surface types. Both refractive and reflective surfaces are supported. However, not all parameters for a PanDao estimate are included (e.g. asphericity), and not all tolerance operands are supported. It's a starting point to import lens design data into the PanDao website.

Check out Sahil’s walk-through of the current implementation of the tool!

After positive first customer feedback, we've been working on making this tool support more designs. The next update planned for release in September 2023 will convert all appropriate and necessary tolerance operands and lens parameters to the PanDao JSON format, so that only minimal manual data entry is required. Furthermore, all on-axis surfaces with real sag will be supported.

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Hey @Tom Pickering, is this in the code yet?