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ENVISION 2021 Featured Talks

  • 19 August 2021
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ENVISION 2021 Featured Talks
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Zemax's annual conference is here. Now is your chance to hear about the latest industry trends, learn about using your Zemax software, and network with fellow Zemax-ers. This year, Europe and the Americas have two days of exciting talks focusing on one of two tracks: Simulation Driving Innovation (shown in grey below) and Industry Insights for Optical Products (shown in blue below).

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September 14-15th, 2021
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Laser Power beaming on the moon

@Brian.Turner, KC Space Pirates
September 14, 10:00 - 10:45 AM PDT

In this talk, Circle Optics will discuss the development and application of a new lensing technique which yields distortion-free, ultra-wide field of view capture without post processing.


How to combine lens design and metasurface and why it is a fascinating new technology

@Simon.Thibault,  Professor at Laval University, Principal Optical Designer at Immervision
September 14, 10:50 - 10:35 AM PDT

This talk will discuss the growth and utility of Metasurfaces in the present-day marketplace.    Particularly, this talk will discuss leveraging DLLs in OpticStudio to generate metasurfaces for design and analysis, without relyng on FDTD simulations.


Pushing the design envelope of freeforms: Find out what’s possible today from a manufacturer

Jessica DeGroote Nelson, Director of Technology and Strategy, Optimax
September 14, 11:40 AM - 12:25 PM PDT

This presentation will cover all facets of manufacturing and testing of freeform optics. The speaker will focus on freeform definitions and tolerancing examples to bridge the gap between the “on-paper” design and finished freeform component.





September 28-29th, 2021
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A New Path to Mixed Reality

Stan Larroque, CEO, Lynx
September 28, 10:00 - 10:45 AM CEST

Lynx is working towards mixed-reality (AR/VR) devices and making the first product that can enable this medium in a mobile form-factor. Discussions will be held around the optical block of the system, as well as integration into a more complex system.


Optical glasses ready for future market requirements

Dr. Uwe Petzold, Product Manager, SCHOTT
September 28, 10:50 - 11:35 AM CEST

Current market trends request special optical positions and more extreme features of optical glasses. SCHOTT is facing such upcoming requirements and offers new glass types and metrology upgrades to ensure the next generation of optical devices.


Multichannel Micro-Optics for Compact Automotive Lighting Solutions

@Wilfried.Noell,  Director of Research & Development, Suss
September 29, 10:25 - 11:05 AM CEST

Multichannel micro-optics are increasingly used in automotive lighting applications. The advantages include a very compact designs and extremely homogenous illumination due to the superposition of multiple channels. We will present our typical workflow when dealing with these types of system; this will include discussion of simulation tools and analysis process, with pitfalls and success stories.




Take a look at the full agenda for ENVISION Americas here and ENVISION Europe here. Which talks are you most excited for? 


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