Updated Export to Speos Lens System in 22.3

  • 2 November 2022
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Have you wondered how your optical system designed in OpticStudio will behave in the real 3D world? Ansys Speos can take your OpticStudio model and fully simulate your system in a 3D environment, including some environmental challenges such as rain and fog. But we all know that modeling an entire optical system in a complete 3D digital environment can be computationally costly. To reduce modeling expenditure for preliminary studies, we are introducing the Export to Speos Lens System (SLS) in OpticStudio 22.3.

The SLS is a reduced-order model of your optical system based on a camera obscura model where the exported optical system acts as an optical transfer function. Therefore, the SLS does not carry all the information for complete modeling of the imaging capabilities. Still, it can provide valuable insights early in the design process, such as perceived image quality and irradiance models. The SLS can deliver these results within less than five minutes saving time during preliminary analyses.

Be on the look for a KBA coming soon.


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