OpticsTalk: Flash LiDAR in new iPad Pro and its Modelling

  • 17 June 2020
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Here's the discussion space for the OpticsTalk: Flash LiDAR in new iPad Pro and its Modelling, to hosted by Zemax Senior Optical Engineer, Sandrine Auriol.

Apple introduced flash LiDAR in the new iPad Pro for AR applications. Join Sandrine in this talk to discuss the principle of flash LiDAR and methods of modeling it in OpticStudio. Stay tuned on this forum thread for updates and discussion after the talk!

3 replies

Please add a way to show how a Diffractrive optical element (DOE) / DOT projection can be used to recreate a whole scene with a distance/amplitude information rather than a single conical source. Speaking of real world scenario accurate distance and amplitude info is of importance while calibrating the sensor. Also, in Ipad it is dTof it would be interesting to see iTof as well. In addition, adding a modulating source file native to Zemax would be great.


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Thank you all for attending this tech talk. I have attached the presentation slides and I have copied some useful links:

How to create a Time-Of-Flight User Analysis using ZOS-API

Batch Processing of Ray Trace Data using ZOS-API in MATLAB or Python

How to use importance sampling to model scattering efficiently

Learning Path - Getting started with ZOS-API

Thank you.


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Hi Zain Ali,

We don't have any models to share right now, but for the dot projection you may find this link useful: https://www.lighttrans.com/use-cases/application-use-cases/working-principle-demonstration-of-dot-projector.html