Envision 2020 Workshop: Designing for Manufacturability

  • 6 October 2020
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This forum thread should be used to continue the discussion from the Envision 2020 workshop, Designing for Manufacturability.

Presenter: Katsumoto Ikeda

Abstract: Careless approaches to optical design can result in designs that are sensitive to manufacturing and alignment errors, resulting in optical products that are difficult to manufacture successfully repeatedly. Methods for desensitizing the optical system, including and High-Yield Optimization, produce designs that meet tight performance specifications, provide a higher manufacturing yield, and lower manufacturing costs through less waste. Join our workshop to discover our best practices in using these methods.

You can also find the Envision 2020 LinkedIn group here.

6 replies

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This was a great presentation. Any chance of getting the slides posted?

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Thank you so much for the kind words, attached is the slides for the presentation and the HYO design comparison files (zipped). 

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Thank you!

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Got to say Kats, this is great stuff. Well done!

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Thank you Mark!

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I'm just adding a little comment to say that these slides contains information about the Quick Yield tool, which is a tool to compute the predicted Monte Carlo yield, so without running all Monte Carlo trials.