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OpticsViewer 22.3 Release Notes

  • 31 October 2022
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22.3 Release Notes
November 2nd, 2022


OpticsViewer 22.3 contains the following fixes and enhancements.

Tools, Features, and Capabilities

  • Project Directories – support was added for: Physical Optics Propagation (POP) files (.ZBF, .ZMM), Objects/Sources/IESNA files (.IES, .DAT), Configuration files (.CFG), and Objects/Sources/Source Files (.CRS, .FFD, .RRD, .DAT, .SDF). 

Libraries and Catalogs

Material Catalogs

  • The CDGM material catalog has been updated:

    • Added 3 new glasses: D-ZK21, D-ZLaF85LN, F4GTi.

    • Low softening series glass (D-) provides refractive index data of two annealing rates, in which the serial number suffix "-25" indicates that the refractive index data of the glass is 25℃ corresponding data, and glasses without suffix is 4℃/h corresponding data.

    • Expand the index range to 2325nm for 73 glasses below, and change their dispersion formula to Sellmeier 1:
      H-QK1, H-K1, H-K2, H-K3, K4A, H-K7, H-K8, H-K11, H-K50, H-K51, H-ZPK1A, H-ZPK3, H-BaK1, H-BaK2, H-BaK3, H-BaK4, H-BaK5, H-BaK8, H-ZK1, H-ZK2, H-ZK3A, H-ZK5, H-ZK7A, H-ZK8, H-ZK10, H-ZK14, H-ZK21, H-LaK1, H-LaK3, H-LaK4L, H-LaK6A, H-LaK8A, H-LaK11, H-LaK12, H-LaK50A, H-LaK53A, H-LaK59A, H-KF6, H-QF1, H-QF6A, H-QF8, H-QF50, H-QF50A, H-QF56, H-F2, H-F4, H-F13, H-BaF2, H-BaF3, H-BaF5, H-BaF6, H-ZBaF1, H-ZBaF3, H-ZBaF20, H-ZBaF50, H-ZF1, H-ZF5, H-ZF50, H-LaF1, H-LaF2, H-LaF3B, H-LaF4, H-LaF4GT, H-LaFL5, H-LaF7, H-LaF51, H-LaF62, H-ZLaF1, H-ZLaF50D, H-ZLaF51, H-ZLaF55C, H-ZLaF71AGT, H-ZLaF89L.

    • The refractive index temperature range of 41 glasses was expanded from (-40~80) ℃ to (-60~140) ℃, and the refractive index temperature coefficient constant was revised:
      H-K2, H-K8, H-ZPK1A, H-ZPK3, H-BaK6, H-ZK9B, H-ZK11, H-ZK14, H-ZK20, H-ZK50, H-ZK50GT, H-LaK5A, H-LaK12, H-LaK52, H-LaK53A, H-LaK59A, H-QF3, H-F1, H-F4, H-F13, H-F51, H-BaF4, H-ZBaF16, H-ZF3, H-ZF6, H-ZF7LA, H-ZF7LAGT, H-LaF3B, H-LaF6LA, H-LaF10LA, H-LaF50B, H-LaF52, H-LaF53, H-ZLaF75A, D-FK61, D-ZPK1A, D-ZK2L, D-ZF10, D-ZLaF52LA, D-ZLaF67, D-ZLaF85L.

  • The BIREFRINGENT material catalog has been updated:

    • Corrected the fit formula and parameters for Quartz and Quartz-E to match the definition in the original referenced paper
      T. Radhakrishnan, ‘‘Further Studies on the Temperature Variation of the Refractive Index of Crystals,’’ Proc. Indian Acad. Sci. A33: 22 – 34 (1951)
      in Handbook of Optics, Vol. II.


Bug Fixes

  • Scale Lens – Fixed an issue in the Q-Type Norm radius, where the Scale Lens tool was incorrectly scaling the Norm Radius double the amount.  
  • Black Box – Fixed an issue when setting the aperture in a Black Box, these apertures are ignored, and all rays go through the system with Ray Aiming on. This gives the wrong results and differences between the Black Box and the original system. 
  • Project Directory – Fixed an issue whereby extracting a ZAR with the opposite Project Directory setting than the original lens file does not automatically re-save the file.  



Zemax OpticsViewer 22.3 is the penultimate major release for Zemax OpticsViewer.

Zemax OpticsViewer 23.1 in January 2023 will be the last major release that includes new functionality as well as bug fixes. After that, only bug fixes will be released in service pack style releases for Zemax OpticsViewer until the end of 2023. After that the product will be discontinued.

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