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OpticsViewer 21.3 Release Notes

  • 21 September 2021
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21.3 Release Notes
September 21st, 2021

Tools, Features, and Capabilities

  • New default file format – Files are now saved by default in a non-human readable binary file format with a .ZOS file extension. This provides better file security when stored on disk, for archiving purposes, and when sharing files. For more information, including information on ZMX file support, see the OpticStudio 21.3 Release Notes.

Performance and Stability

  • Design Lockdown – This tool now ignores dummy surfaces when converting from Sequential to Non-Sequential Mode.  Previously dummy surfaces would be converted to an Annulus in Non-Sequential Mode, causing undesired ray clipping during a ray trace. 
  • Project Directories – It is possible to open and save files from Project Directories that are created in OpticStudio whilst retaining the file structure. However, these directories cannot be created in OpticsViewer.

Bug Fixes

  • Volume Holograms – Diffraction efficiency calculation updated for volume holograms with Order 0 to match Kogelnik’s polarization model.
  • Tolerance Operands – When using the Tilt/Decenter Elements tool to add Coordinate Breaks, tolerance operands correctly reflect updated surface numbers. Previously if a coordinate break was inserted before your surface, it’s surface number would change but the operand wouldn’t update.
  • Tilt/Decenter Elements – Corrected behavior when a surface contains a ZPL Macro solve in one of the cells. Previously this would become a fixed value and the solve would be turned off. 
  • Tilt/Decenter Elements – Surfaces are correctly removed when Undo is used. Previously some inserted surfaces would not be removed.

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