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OpticStudio 21.3.1 Release Notes

  • 26 October 2021
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21.3.1 Release Notes

October 26th, 2021

OpticStudio 21.3.1 contains the following fixes and enhancements.

Feature Enhancements

  • Help tab – The buttons in the Help tab have been updated to reflect the new Zemax website. These buttons now direct you to the correct page on the website.
  • CodeV to OpticStudio Converter – This tool now saves the converted file in the ZOS format.
  • Off-Axis Mirror – This object now accepts negative offset values.

Performance & Stability

  • Image Quality analyses – All analyses in the Image Quality group on the Analyze tab in Sequential Mode will no longer assume any rotational symmetry when the Use Polarization check box is selected. Previously, rotational symmetry could be incorrectly assumed for some polarized systems leading to incorrect analysis results.

Bug Fixes

  • Source Color – The phase of a ray in Non-Sequential Mode is now correctly calculated when using a Source Color other than the System Wavelength.
  • Optimization Wizard – When using Sequential Mode, the Optimization Wizard will now display when using the ZOS file format.
  • Operands – All Tolerance, Optimization, and Multi-Configuration operands that use thickness are better handled when using the Tilt/Decenter Element tool. Previously the surface numbers and their associated parameters were not always correctly updated after using the Tilt/Decenter Element tool with operands that refer to thickness. This bug was partially fixed in the OpticStudio 21.3 release but not reported for Optimization operands.
  • Convert to NSC Group – This tool now correctly converts Off-Axis Conic Freeform surface to Off-axis Mirror object when a convertible geometry is used. Previously an error message was displayed even if conversion was supported.
  • Auto-Recovery – Auto-Recovery mode now supports the ZOS format. Previously the file format was supported but the .ZOS extension would not be recognized.
  • Dynamic Link objects – Exposed parameters are now correctly saved when a file is saved, closed, or opened.
  • Convert to NSC Group – The Construction Wavelength parameter for volume holograms is now correctly converted from Sequential to Non-Sequential Mode.

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