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OpticsBuilder 22.1.1 Release Notes

  • 22 February 2022
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22.1.1 Release Notes
February 22, 2022

1 Bug Fixes

OpticsBuilder for Creo 22.1.1 includes the following bug fixes: 

  • Creo Crash – We have resolved a crash occurring in Creo that would happen while importing the ProjectorOS_End_Design.ZBD file from the Ultra Short Throw Projector sample file.
  • Creo Mapkeys – When viewing the OpticsBuilder Optics Manager, the user-specified Creo Mapkeys would stop working.
  • About OpticsBuilder – The About OpticsBuilder would stop working after using the Update .ZBD or Export. ZBD tool.
  • Regeneration Error Message – While importing the LaserDiode_w_Aplanatic_Lens-EndDesign.ZBD file, a regeneration error would appear in the model tree and the full assembly was unusable.
  • PTC Bug affecting an import function called “Add Material” – We found a bug sitting on the PTC Creo side which was reported and fixed in versions Creo or later. OpticsBuilder used a different approach to avoid this bug, however the original issue on the PTC side has been resolved.

2 Sample File Updates

  • Sample Files – The sample files that install with OpticsBuilder for Creo now have the STOP object defined within them so that they may be utilized with the Chief Rays tool that was introduced in 22.1


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