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OpticsBuilder 21.3.2 Release Notes

  • 26 November 2021
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21.3.2 Release Notes

November 30th, 2021


1 Bug Fixes

OpticsBuilder for Creo 21.3.2 includes the following bug fixes:  

  • Total internal reflection within mechanical components – In certain instances, rays would enter mechanical components and reflect internally. The accuracy of the mechanical component render has been increased, preventing the rays from entering and behaving incorrectly.
  • Simulation time – For optomechanical systems with many mechanical components and detectors, the ray trace within the Simulation feature was incorrectly taking a long time. The speed of the ray trace has been improved and now takes the expected amount of time.
  • Simulation results – For users that suppress and then unsuppress a component, the Simulation results would previously display incorrectly without the recently unsuppressed component information included. This behavior is now fixed.
  • Lens type – The lens type is now retained for modified optomechanical components that are exported and reimported via .ZBD file within OpticsBuilder for Creo.
  • Coating selection – If a user imports a read-only system and then modifies an optical component using the CAD tools, such as adding a chamfer, they are now able to define a coating for the newly created surface.
  • Add Mounting Edge – Users should no longer experience a delay after clicking “OK” to exit the Add Mounting Edge window.

OpticsBuilder for SOLIDWORKS 21.3.2 includes the following bug fixes: 

  • Incorrect import with custom templates – For users that design with custom part and assembly templates, import issues were occurring with optical components. This fix allows the template to be correctly selected so users do not face these issues during their optical import.
  • Detector Viewer – The Detector Viewer no longer includes data from suppressed components in the analysis or in the “Current Output” data section.
  • Suppressed components – The Optics Manager and the Region of Interest no longer include components suppressed using SOLIDWORKS tools.
  • Sample files – For OpticsBuilder for SOLIDWORKS sample files, the Optical Properties Menu is now available when viewing a component in Part Mode.
  • Positioning components – For users that move the optical component positions within the assembly and make modifications to the design of the optical component, when the modifications are removed, the optical component will retain its user-specified position.

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