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OpticsBuilder 21.3.1 Release Notes

  • 25 October 2021
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21.3.1 Release Notes

October 26, 2021


1 Features

OpticsBuilder for SOLIDWORKS 21.3.1 includes localized top menu buttons for the Japanese UI and logic to support import for a native off-axis mirror  


2 Bug Fixes

OpticsBuilder for SOLIDWORKS 21.3.1 includes the following bug fixes:  

  • Add Mounting Edge tool – For users that design with Binary or Diffraction Grating objects, a lens edge that is modified more the two times the objects will no longer become hidden in the graphics area and SOLIDWORKS won’t display an error message. 
  • Lens Properties – The number of decimal places is now the same in part mode and assembly mode. 
  • Boolean Object Properties – When viewing the properties menu for Boolean Objects, the coat/scatter tab is now disabled as these inputs cannot be applied to Boolean Objects.  
  • Scatter properties – All faces now have the correct scatter properties that were defined from OpticStudio. Different or incorrect scatter properties were sometimes previously assigned to component faces within OpticsBuilder. 
  • Additional sketch – When an optical component is modified using the OpticsBuilder tools (e.g. modifying the thickness of a lens) then an additional sketch is no longer added to the SOLIDWORKS model tree. 
  • Update .ZBD file – OpticsBuilder now correctly displays an update table that shows changes to the design that occur from updating the file. This table was previously not resizing if a user changed the size of the window that it was displayed in. 
  • Optomechanical components – When a user modifies an optical component using CAD tools (e.g. adding a chamfer to the lens), the component type no longer changes within the properties of that lens.  
  • Simulation time – The Simulation was taking longer in systems that included many mechanical components and detectors because it would get stuck in the “displaying outputs” phase of the Simulation. 
  • Optics Manager – The OpticsBuilder Optics Manager left-hand menu was incorrectly renaming optical components after they had a mounting edge added to them.  

OpticsBuilder for Creo 21.3.1 includes the following bug fixes: 

  • Export .ZBD file tool – Previously, the exported .ZBD file contained zero decimal points for all parameters found in the lens properties. 
  • Crashes – Creo would crash if a user opened the Detector Viewer for a system that did not contain any detectors. 
  • Coat/Scatter tab – In the Coat/Scatter tab of the Lens Properties, users could not scroll the window and select faces to view in the graphics area for read-only systems. For read-only systems, this feature will show which face in the graphics area corresponds to the information in the Coat/Scatter tab but cannot be used to change the Coat/Scatter properties. 
  • Lens Properties – The number of decimal places is now the same in part mode and assembly mode. 

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