Zemax installation with black usb plugged in keyserver

  • 25 January 2023
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Hi ,
I am tryting to install Zemax OpticStudio on my laptop.
The engineer who used Zemax left the company 2 years ago and the black usb is still plugged to the Keyserver.
I have edited the sntlconfig.xml.bak file with correct ip address of the keyserver
When I clieck on the Icon on my desktop for Zemax OpticStudio I have a window to input
Please enter License Number 
Please enter your Activation code

I have a long number:1XXX 2XXX 7XXX 4XXX 3XXX 5XXXXX 0XXXXX
and also 5 -user network Serial Number 2XXXX

I am not sure which one is the License Number and which one is the Activation Code

Any help will be much appreciated



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5 replies

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You can discard the long number, it’s likely a license code for a specific release. USB licenses don't use "activation codes".

I need you to answer a few questions that should help get you working - 

What version of OpticStudio is installed?

Are you getting any popups for a “license code” when starting the software?

What’s the 5 digit number printed on the USB?

Also, let’s check if the key server is working. 

Does the USB light up and stay lit when plugged in to the keyserver?

Hello ,

Thanks for your reply.

OpticStudio that is install is File Version and Product Version 22.3.0

No I am not getting the License code pop up when starting the software .Please see attached file what I am seeing when I open OpticStudio.

The 5 Digit on the USB are 23372

There is no light when the USB is plugged to the server.








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Ok then the drivers are not installed. There is a link to the “sentinel protection installer” in this article that needs to be installed on the server to enable the USB.

Also the support on 23372 ended Jan 2019, so it is only eligible to run Opticstudio releases that came out in 2018 or older. We no longer have these old versions for download, do you have some older versions saved? The name of the Opticstudio installer is always in the format “ZOSVERSION_YEAR-MONTH-DAY.EXE”. An example would be ZOS17_2017-03-01.EXE.



Thanks for the link to download the driver.

Unfortunately I don’t have an older version than 2018 available as the PC on which it was installed has been deprovisioned.

I can see a folder Zemax which we did a backup 2 years ago but still cannot see the installer.

Please see attached what I can see in Documents\Zemax






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That folder is just the user’s DATA files for OpticStudio. Keep searching for files with the search term ZOS*.exe  Anything from 2018 (Opticstudio 18.9) or older will work.