Unable to activate Zemax

  • 23 November 2021
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I am an undergraduate student working with an academic license provided by my university. I have a MacBook, so I was unable to download the Zemax software directly onto my laptop. Instead, I downloaded a Windows VM system and then downloaded and activated Zemax through this. Unfortunately, the trial period of that system has ended and I have lost access to Zemax. I was able to get a loaner Windows laptop from my school so I could access Zemax for my class, however since the licenses was already used previously, I am unable to activate the software on this laptop. Is there any way I could get a license transfer code to continue working on Zemax?

1 reply

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Are you still able login to the VM  /Windows you were trying n the Macbook at all? If so, you can transfer the license away. It will give you a transfer code for the PC.

Otherwise, you will need to ask the Zemax academic team ( for a license replacement.