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  • 27 June 2020
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i changed my computer and transferd my hard desk to another one, but I'm having a problem with activating zemax, 

when I open zemax the window I sent before pops up, I tried to activate it again but it won't work because you can use the activation code only once (used on my old computer).

I can't find a way to run zemax like before. 

and when I open license details it shows me that the key is cloned in a red color (because it's a new computer?)


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3 replies

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Hello Fatima,

Please try transferring the licence away and then retrieving it back on the same computer. You can find how to do this by following the Knowledgebase Article below:



Hi Ali,

I actually looked for a solution and found the webpage you sent me, but when I try to do what is written about a cloned key, I always end up with the following message (I tried to transfer the license).

Thank you,




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Transfering the hard drive to another machine is what disabled (cloned) the license as it was locked to the original machine's hardware. See the zemax licensing policies for other tips to avoid license deactivation or loss in the future.

The license will need to be replaced at this point. i am sending a request to the sales team on your behalf as they have discretion for academic licenses. You should hear back with a decision within a day or so.


don d