OpticStudio.exe moved or missing


I just upgraded to OpticStudio 21.1.2_20 but when I try and run the program via the Start menu in Win10, I get an error message saying that Opticstudio.exe has moved. I've searched my entire C; drive and can't find it. Anyone know where I can find it or should I try re-installing?





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Hey Richard, great to hear from you again!

If you installed to the default location, the .exe should be in C:\Program Files\Zemax OpticStudio

- Mark

Hi Mark,

Great to see you too, hope all is well with you. 


Thanks for the help with the .exe file. The strange thing is I'm sure I looked there before and couldn't find it. Also, the original shortcut has returned to the desktop after disappearing right after installation. My PC and I were obviously having an off day!


take care