License transfer code request

  • 6 August 2021
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I have activate my License before, but unfortunately I had to uninstall Zemax software from my Laptop. Now it is showing no License. I am unable to use my Zemax license because I have no License transfer code. I don’t know how to access the software.

4 replies

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Uninstalling Opticstudio doesn’t remove any licenses. If you reinstall it, the license should show back up. Just to verify, you haven’t also reinstalled Windows, correct? If not, then most likely the license service just isn’t working. See this article to repair it.

Let me know how it goes!

Don D

 Customer IT support

Thanks for your response…

Yes , actually you are right. I have reinstalled my windows recently. So now all the saved license have been lost. I don't know how to use my License again. 

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Ok thanks! 

I am going to email you directly momentarily with an attempt to recover the license since everybody shouldn’t and doesnt need to see that.


I meet the same problem, how to solve it?