Known list of applications that can conflict or cause a crash in Opticstudio.

  • 16 April 2019
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Sometimes, 3rd party programs can interfere with the prerequisites for OpticStudio and prevent Opticstudio from launching. 

Note: Many of these programs have patches or updated releases that correct the behavior. If you have any of these programs installed on your machine, either update to the latest version of the program or remove the program and retry running OpticStudio. You should find that once the program is removed, ZOS is able to execute properly.

The current list of known offenders is:

  • NVIDIA Geforce Experience 1.6 (and some newer ones). 

  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended 64-bit Add-On (just the add-on, you do not need to remove the whole program)

  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended 32-bit (the whole program appears to be corrupt)

  • BeyondTrust

  • Avecto

  • Illivid

  • Searchqu Toolbar

  • TrustBroker Secure Client

  • Browserdefender

  • PolicyPak (Client Side Extensions)

  • Total Defense

  • Replay Media Catcher

  • Cylance Antivirus

  • RAPTR Plays TV 

6 replies

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I don't see a crash there - did Opticstudio close as well? If not and this has occured more than once with the raytrace, you may want to open a support case to get help with your issue from the optical engineers. If possible include a ZAR of the optical system. . 

Best regards,

Don D 

Hi Don,

My opticstudio 21.2.2 crashes without warning or any sign.

The version of my OS is Win 10 professional 20H2.And the model of my video card is Nvidia Quadro p2000.


Hello M.XX,

For the situation of crashes, freeze etc., we need you generate the Diagnostic package and send it to us. The package may contain the error message when OpticStudio crashes. The best way to let us help you here is open a ticket. Don or other Zemaxer are more then happy to help address the issue.

Thank you.

Hi Su,

The attachment is the Diagnostic package you asked for.