ZPL solve error

  • 13 February 2024
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I am getting this error when I open a file, but I don’t understand why. The multi-configuration editor has a pickup solve on Configuration 3, Operand 7, so why is it saying ZPL solve?

The error appears multiple times, each time for a different MCE operand that should have a pickup solve. I just went through and re-created all the pickup solves, saved the file, then opened again only to see the same error messages and all my pickups removed. What is happening?!

1 reply

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Adding some more context. I am using Zemax OpticStudio 23.2.1

The MCE is set up with operand LTTL in row 1. The strings in each column include some text indicating the name of the system, and a wavelength. There are MOFF operands later on with pickups set to get the value from operand 1, LTTL. This provides a reminder for which wavelength is associated with which config as we are scrolling down in the MCE.  

Here is an example I made in a blank lens file. This is what it looks like after pickups are added. 


I then save as .ZMX and reopen. Now I get the error message and the MCE looks like this. For some reason, only config 3 gives the error, but pickup solves have been removed from configs 2, 3, 4. The string value remains in config 2 and 4 though...


As a test, I added the pickups back and saved again, this time as .ZOS. When I open the ZOS file, there is no error and the MCE has not been changed.

So I believe this is a bug. I can work around it, but it would be nice to know what’s causing it.