Wollaston Prism

  • 11 June 2024
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Dear Zemax Users,

I am working with Wollaston prism from C:Documents\Zemax\Samples\Sequential\Birefringent prisms\Wollaston and want to know that what is the angular separation between Ordinary and extraordinary ray in that particular example, like how much separation has been introduced in the output beam?. 

How to find the angle of separation through the merit function operand?


1 reply

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Hi Meena,

You can use READ to get the angle of exitance from a surface, but these numbers are always greater than 0, so you need to be careful with signs to get the right answer. A better way is with real ray direction cosine operand REAB (real ray y-direction cosine). If you try the z-direction cosine, you run into the same issue of both results being positive.