What factors should be considered to compare two cameras?

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Imagine that you are given two cameras and no information about them are given. However, you have all the technical tools in hand to compare their images and find whether their performances are the same or not. To simplify the problem, both cameras image a USAF-1951 chart. Question is

What factors should be considered to verify two cameras are identical?

I would say their Modulation Transfer Function across the object and for all wavelengths are enough for this comparison. Am I right?

p.s. Let's assume that we only care about the image quality at the same imaging condition like same iso, same f#, etc. given that we have access to all these settings and cameras are not defective (sensor performance is ideal and not bad pixels). Thanks


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Hi AminR,


Just one remark, I think it might also depend on the application. Some fields have gold standards for the evaluation of performance, but some are more subjectives. In photography, for example, I know few people who would choose a particular lens based solely on the MTF.

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Thanks, David, for commenting. @AminR, did this information help you figure out the comparison?