What can I do if overwrite the original files that come with OpticStudio?

  • 20 March 2020
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Don't worry - there is no need to panic!


If you overwrite your original files, you may retrieve them from C:\ProgramData\Zemax. They are originally placed in this location, and then some are copied over during the installation process; however, the folder by default is hidden, so you will need to change the settings in Windows:


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If your COATING.DAT is frequently over-written by ZAR extraction use RevertCoatingFile.ZPL.  

# Reverts system to original COATING.DAT

my_path$ = $COATINGPATH()

my_source_filename$ = 'C:\ProgramData\Zemax\Coatings\COATING.DAT'

my_destination_filename$ = my_path$ + '\COATING.DAT'

COPYFILE my_source_filename$, my_destination_filename$

PRINT my_source_filename$ + ' was copied to ' + my_destination_filename$ + '.'

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Hey Ali,

Another option, but which does not need admin privileges, is to delete or rename the version.log file in Documents/Zemax/License

When you next start OS after this, it will reinstall all the files that ship with the program as standard.