Wavelength Weighting and RMS Spot Size

  • 29 April 2021
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I have a bandpass filter, so I have modeled my wavelengths with different weightings around the center. I understand that this will automatically be taken into account in the Default Merit Function, when doing optimization. 

What I am unsure of, is whether this is taken to account in spot diagrams, and other analaysis features. If I make a spot diagram, showing all of the wavelengths, when it shows the RMS, is it taking into account the wavelength weighting ?

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Hi Jacob,

Make sure you have 'Use Polarization' set on any analysis feature that you want to account for the intensity of rays. That will then account for the initial weighting of the wavelength (and field) as well as reflection losses through the system.

- Mark

Ah okay. I confirmed with an experiment that the weighting does effect analysis, but I did not think of the 'Use Polarization'. Thanks