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  • 25 January 2023
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I wanted to get the wavefront map of a cerain zernike coefficient representing an aberration. Is there a way to change the unit ‘WAVES’ into ‘mm’ or ‘nm’?



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3 replies

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The wavefront map is always given in waves.

Could you help me with this unit ‘Waves’ then as I don’t fully understand it? To be able to convert it to ‘mm’ for example, can I multiply it by the waelength of the source?

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Hi @Baraka 

The wavefront map shows optical path differences between rays of a field and the chief ray of that same field at a given wavelength.

The path is measured with a unit of length, like mm and then converts to waves.

If your wavelength is for example 0.55um, then the conversion will be:

wave = 0.55um = 0.00055 mm

OPD in wave = OPD in mm / (0.00055 mm)