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  • 21 November 2019
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Is there any way to increase the playback speed for webinars/demos when viewed through MyZemax? Usually 1x speed is really not sufficient to grab the needed information. The ones that are posted on youtube are much nicer that way, but IMO it's a fractured jumble of videos in one forum or another, with broken links thrown in since change to MyZemax. As an educator trying to provide easy access to resources for students, this is far from ideal.

2 replies

Work-around is to download videos for which that option is available and play back in media player that allows speed control.
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I think all the Myzemax webinars have been updated to use Youtube at this point, so should have the standard youtube speed control. If you see any other articles where this is still hosted on the old page and can't adjust the speed, please email or open a ticket with the support team and let us know so we can correct it. 

We are also going through Myzemax articles and are fixing / updating any broken webinar links as soon as the existing webinars are moved to Myzemax from the old pages. We should have quite a few more posted soon. 

Note also that all webinars that are hosted on youtube can be found directly on the Zemax Youtube channel playlist page. This allows you you to see them all in once place. This is also good to see webinars / videos that haven't yet been posted to myzemax.


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