Street Lighting Peanut Shape Lens Modelling & Optimization

  • 15 September 2023
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I was wondering which type of the object (without using the CAD part or CAD assemble) in ZOS non-sequential mode is suitable for the modelling of street lighting peanut shape lens and it has the parametric surface for optimization purpose?



Best answer by Kevin Scales 7 October 2023, 00:05

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There aren’t a lot of options for objects that are not CAD and are parametrized for optimization. The peanut lens is not a common one. The closest I could think of was to use the Freeform Z for form a fully circular object and then use Boolean operations to create a peanut-shaped rounded surface on one side. It is parametrizable along Z, but the cross section will always be circular because the Freeform Z takes a Y-Z relationship that interpolates between given points and then rotates it around Z. I don’t know if this will be suitable.

I’m attaching a minimal test case. Feel free to borrow from it as you wish.