Simulating Integrating Spheres

  • 17 September 2021
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I have a question about simulating integrating spheres. There are 2 configurations:

  1. Integrating sphere attached to monochromator with QTH light bulb where only the output light from the integrating sphere is of interest, how it comes out from an X inch diameter sphere with Y inch port aperture. It doesn’t matter how the light gets into the integrating sphere, as long as the output light is uniform. The goal is to use the output light in further simulations such as what the light pattern would be after light passes through pin holes and such.
  2. An LED light source with filter wheel is attached to integrating sphere, it is important to calculate system efficiency so input light needs to be tracked as well as output light. The goal is to better approximate system efficiency by accounting for light that goes in and out (desired output as well as the input port where LEDs are) of the integrating sphere before it escapes or is absorbed.

Does anyone have recommendations or examples in non-sequential mode of how to go about making integrating spheres that are basically simulating Labsphere’s PTFE products?


Best answer by Maciej.Traczyk 20 September 2021, 19:45

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Hi Andrey,

you can find non-sequential example in sample files - ...\Zemax\Samples\Non-sequentional\Miscellaneous\Integrating Sphere.zmx


Best regards,

Maciej Traczyk