Problem with coordinate references of Source Diode


There is something I don't understand with the way Source Diode are placed (see image below).

I've got two Source Diode placed at the same X Position [0], same Z Position [-51.4], different Y Position.

The object 8 is at Y8 = -145.25, object 9 is at Y9 = -62.25.

The global Y reference pointing rightwards, I expect the object 9 to be at the right of the object 8 because Y9 > Y8, right?

But it seems to be the contrary. Additionally, they seem to be unexpectedly at different Z position.

So I suppose I did something wrong with the coordinate references. I checked the Modify Reference Object but both object seem to refere to the Global Reference.

Any hint?

Best regards


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Hello Christophe

The column called 'Ref Object' gives the coordinate system in which the object is defined.

So Object 8 is defined in the global coordinate system but Object 9 is defined in Object 8 local coordinate system.

If you set back the Ref Object of Object 9 to 0, it will go up and right.

The tool 'Modify Reference Object' does automatically the conversion for you. But as you have noticed, it doesn't pick up the current state.

Let me know if this is clearer.




I'm beginning woth ZOS at start modifying an existing project. This is why I'm asking some dummy questions.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Kind regards

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No worries at all.