Non-Sequential Paraxial Lens scrambles coherent phase

  • 22 September 2022
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Simple model:

  • Pt source
  • Paraxial lens
  • Detector

Collimating a point source produces a nice output when reviewing incoherent results.  However, the coherent results are not intuitive.  Can somebody provide and explanation?

Incoherent Irradiance


Radiance (angular)

Coherent Irradiance

Coherent Phase



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2 replies

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Mark provides the answer… OPD is not computed for paraxial lenses.

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Indeed so. But there is a simple workaround...the Sweatt lens. Make a model material of really high index, say 1000, and give it radii to achieve whatever focal length you want. The OPD can be calculated for this real lens (with a fictitious glass).