No raysplit at volume hologram inside Medium

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In a NSC System I have placed a Hologram Surface inside a rectangular volume with an index of 1.5.

n1, n2 and n are set to 1.5.  XYZ Coordinates are set to incomming and outcomming beam is 30° to get a reflective grating.

Sending a beam under matching angele so that it hits the hlogram surface at 30° leads to the expected reflected beam inside the medium.

Switching Split Rays on gives a reflected and a transmitted zero Order beam as expected.

All fine so far!


Changing the XYZ Coordinates for the outcomming beam to a value beyond TIR (for example 50°) without splitting everything stays as expected the beam is deflected under 50° and than total reflected at the rectangular volume surface.

Switching Split Rays now on gives a “geometry error”

Using Hologram Lens with fitting material instead leads to the same problem.


Is there a way to use ray splitting with Holograms using large angles inside refractive media?




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