Modeling Gold Nanorods Solution as lens in Zemax

Hi! I have a question about modeling a gold nanorods solution. This solution has a  Molarity of 2.5 (nM) and a Molar extinction coefficient of 9.68*10^8 (M^(-1)cm^(-1)). The optical path is around 6.33 mm.

I am modeling in non-sequential mode. Following the guide on this post:, I tried to modify the material water within Zemax by changing the transmission.

The transmitted intensity is given by Beer's Law and is roughly 0.2. However, when I changed the transmission from 1 to 0.2 at the wavelength of 808 nm, the detected intensity does not change compared to the default water. Can anyone help with this issue? Should I change anything other settings to model the gold nanorods solution? Thank you so much!



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Hi Chang,

Please make sure you have polarization checked in the ray trace control.



Hi David,


That solved my problem. Thank you so much!