Metalens Hybrid

  • 24 June 2020
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Good afternoon,

After generation of the near field .zbf file in Lumerical and opening it in the zemax environment under the Physical Optics tab, i am not certain how this near field relates to the rest of the optical elements i have in the Zemax file. Let's take, for example, a simple asphere. If i want to insert a metalens behind the asphere, how do I do that. I have the near field file from Lumerical. I have the asphere in Zemax. The steps in between are a bit fuzzy for me. How does one assess the overall performance of the combined metalens and conventional optics hybrid design? I’d like to ultimately use the same standard optical engineer figures of merit for image quality like MTF. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

1 reply

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Hi Philip,

If you want to simualte an optical system with a metalens placed after your asphere, you would have to break down the modelling of the system into different parts. You could use POP to propagate through the aspheric lens, and then save the .zbf file at this point. Following this, the .zbf file can then be imported in Lumerical and used as a source for modelling the propagation though the metalens. Once the propagation though the metalens has been done, this can be saved as a .zbf file again and imported back into OpticStudio. I would recommend checking out the Knowledgebase Articles below on Zemax Lumerical Interoperability: