Light loss from mirror

  • 28 October 2022
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Hi Official,

I am passing the light from a point source to mirror (this mirror is designed using fold mirror option in lens data editor) then from mirror to a surface (lets say surface 1). When i am checking POPD for light coupling it says only 50 percent light on the surface 1. What could be the possible reasons behind this and how to improve it. I tried to put coating on mirror but no change in POPD value. 

Please advise




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2 replies

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Hi @saif 

Sorry for the late reply. Have you got a file to share?

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Hi @saif,

Without seeing your file, it is difficult to diagnose the issue of light loss. In case it is still relevant to your simulation, one thing you could check is: if you have any fixed apertures, double check that the beam waist (or however you define the beam) matches what you’d expect. It is possible that the light is being clipped by the mirror.