How to design LED source as object in mixed mode configuration?

  • 3 March 2021
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I would like to test the behavior of fresnel lens when the source is LED. I have to carry out the simulation in mixed mode.


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Hi @sathya,

Apologies for the late reply to your question. In case it is still relevant to you or others:

Mixed mode in OpticStudio will ignore sources or detectors in your NSC component. You can learn more about the limitations of Mixed Mode here: How to model a mixed sequential/non-sequential system – Knowledgebase (

In that article, it has an important note: Rays defined by the Sequential System Aperture (sequential rays) cannot see the sources and detectors defined within an NSC group. Likewise, rays from NSC sources cannot leave the NSC group. As a result, rays from NSC sources cannot be used as part of the Sequential-based analysis feature.

To setup the simulation you describe, you will need to model the output of your LED with Sequential tools. I have attached a sample file where the two differing divergence angles for a diode are defined.

I hope this clarifies the limitations of Mixed Mode and gives an alternative option.