How to correct MTF fluctuation in zoom lens design ?

  • 4 November 2022
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 Mtf plots of narrow configurations  are high but, Mtf plots  of wide configurations are low and fluctuation.



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4 replies

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Hi Yasemin

Thank you for posting on our forum. Would you mind giving a bit more explanation? Do you mean narrow field of view? Do you have any screenshots? Thank you.

Hi Sandrine,

I mean  narrow and wide field of view in zoom lens. Mtf values in small focal length are very low .

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Hi @Yasemin.Demirhan,

Thanks for your question here. It is challenging for us to give a better answer without understanding more about your system and the MTF response in question, but I thought I’d post this Knowledgebase article. It has some great tips and explanations for this particular OpticStudio analysis: Methods for analyzing MTF in OpticStudio – Knowledgebase (

I hope this helps.


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Hi Yasemin, one way is to control the MTF differences directly in different configurations. You can use GMTF for speed consideration.

Another way is to control it from the source of the fluctuation. You may find out the dominant aberration and try to control the variation to some extent.