How can I design an Alvarez lens in Zemax?

  • 12 June 2019
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Hi!  How an Alvarez lens can be designed in Sequential Zemax?




Best answer by Zach Derocher 13 June 2019, 19:48

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Hi Hooman,

An Alvarez lens will require a decentration and a 3rd order polynomial surface sag definition. You can define two plates in Sequential Mode, with their inner faces set as Extended Polynomial surface type. Then with the Extended Polynomial surfaces, you can prescribe a sag profile with a first order and third order sag polynomial term in the X and Y directions. Finally, you can use the "Tilt/Decenter Elements" tool on either the first or second of the elements, to automatically build the Coordinate Break surfaces which handled the relative X/Y decentration of the two elements.

I've attached a simple demonstration file here. Note that I also put a rectangular aperture on the lenses, to match the drawings shown in this article (which I was using as a reference):