Edge thickness solve equivalent in multi-config?

  • 9 July 2020
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Is there a way to use an edge thickness solve in multi-config? I was using them on my concave surfaces to create a dummy surface where the lens sits, but when I switched to multi-config, it appears I can't use the solve anymore. It's nice to have the solve there because as the radius changes during optimization, the location of the dummy surface automatically changes to the correct location.

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Hi Matthias,

You can no longer apply a Edge Thickness Solve in the Lens Data Editor if the surface thickness is also controlled using a Multi-Configuration Operand. However, you can use TSP1/TSP2/TSP3 to expose and control the thickness solve parameter previously set in the Lens Data Editor.

So, for example, in the Edge Thickness Solve, TSP1 controls the thickness and TSP2 the radial height: