Coatings on NSC surfaces

I am modeling some CPC’s in NSC. I know that they are not 100% reflective and I want to assign a coating to the inside surfaces. But in OS, NSC, there is no way to apply a coating to a surface. Why is this? I can think of many reasons I would want a surface with a coating. A simple cubed beam splitter is one example. Define a cube of glass and then put a 45 degree surface inside with a 50/50 coating. Or, make CPC’s objects rather than surfaces. Anyone have any thoughts to a workaround?




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Hi Paul,

regarding your question about the coating for the cpc inside surface: I also encountered this issue, when I was looking into CPC optics with non-ideal surface properties. You’ll see that you can apply a coating once you set the “Is Volume” value of the CPC to 1. However, if you want to have a hollow CPC instead of a volumetric one, I can point to a simple workaround for that.

For this, I use the boolean native object to generate the hollow cpc out of a rectangular volume (or any other volume object of your choice) and a solid cpc by cutting the cpc shape out of the other volume. The respective surface you want to put your coating on is referenced then by the properties/face section of the boolean native object. 



I also attached a sample file to this answer. 


Hope this helps,


Hi Sven,

Thanks for this reply. I hadn't thought of these two solutions, but they make total sense. I will try them.

This is my first time on the Community site and I had no idea if I’d get a response or not. Much appreciated.