OpticsTalks: the similarity and difference between hologram and surface relief grating

  • 8 June 2020
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In diffractive waveguide AR design, there are two main technical routes, hologram (Bragg grating) and surface relief grating. Let us review the similarity, difference, and modelling methods for each.

3 replies

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Thank you all for attending. Attached is the presentation slides from the session. 

Also, below are some useful links to the examples used in the session, as well as a bonus article about OFH (Optically Fabricated Holograms)

Simulating diffraction efficiency of a volume holographic grating using Kogelnik’s method

Simulating diffraction efficiency of surface-relief grating using the RCWA method

FAQ of Optically Fabricated Hologram (OFH): how to parameters Holo type and Diffract order


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This is seriously good stuff Kats. Well done to you, Michael, Alistair, Heng and any others involved!

- Mark

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Thank you for our US people for joining the second OpticsTalk discussion on this topic.

Here are some links from discussions that we had in the meeting!

Zemax and Lumerical: Part 1 - from nano-scale to macro-scale optics and back - webinar: https://my.zemax.com/en-US/Knowledge-Base/kb-article/?ka=KA-01761

Zemax and Lumerical: Part 2 - from nano-scale to macro-scale optics and back - webinar: https://my.zemax.com/en-US/Knowledge-Base/kb-article/?ka=KA-01762