Performance analysis - another metric

I would just like to ask if you use other metrics in performance analysis. It would be nice to have other parameters than just RMS wavefront error and RMS spot size. Is there any plan to add this tool in the future?

It would be nice to find out what effect this has on e.g. defocus or other parameters that could be read from the merit function



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Hi, Jaroslav.  We’re glad to hear that this analysis is useful for you.  Adding other metrics is definitely a possibility. We can create a feature request for this and see if other users are interested, too. 

If we added, say, three new metrics to the analysis, what would you want those three to be?



Hi Erin,

It would be great if these metrics could be used:
- Distortion (calibrated to the centre of gravity)

- Telecentricity (object and image)

- Defocus

It would be best if you could load a merit function and select parameters from it.

Thank you.


Best regards,

Jaroslav Zadnik