Simulation of optical fiber bundle in sequential mode

  • 9 March 2022
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I have an optical fiber bundle with core diameter 910 microns and NA = 0.22 and I would like to make the source as the optical fiber output end with rays coming out of this fiber. The objective of this simulation is to get a collimated rays at the image plane by using a collimating lens. Since I am using a fiber bundle the rays from the farthest point cannot be collimated easily so there would some losses and I need to find how much is overall efficiency of this system.

My question is can I design the fiber output end by providing as many fields points to represent the fiber bundle and assume each point emits a cone of light with NA = 0.22. If not how can I model the fiber end as a source?




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You can try using the Geometric Image Analysis feature, which allows the source distribution to be defined by a user-selected shape.  In your case, it is simply a circle.  First, though, to model the output of a multimode step-index fiber (which is what I assume you have), you will want to set the field type to “Object Height,” then set the aperture to an NA = 0.22 and make the system telecentric in object space. 


Now you can use the Geometric Image Analysis feature with a circular source having a diameter of 0.910 mm.


You can select whatever surface you like (probably the image surface) to trace rays from this source distribution to this surface of interest.